Hey there, so finally I start writing after @MihirJoshi5 kept pushing me. So here is the 1st one of many more to come.

Found myself amidst a situation, where in a client wanted to access a specific folder outside of his authorized FTP access folder.

A simple solution to this would be, well create one more login & ask the client to use that, if he/she wants to upload anything over there.

But thats just one more extra login. So how do we keep the same login & still provide access to the folder outside of the main FTP root access folder?

The solution to this is “mklink” something which MS included in Vista & has been there ever since.

mklink basically is MS answer to solve the symbolic link issue in windows.

To implement this, just right click the command prompt & choose “Run as administrator”.

To make a symbolic link we need to use one of the following switches / parameters

/D Creates a directory symbolic link. Default is a file symbolic link.

/H Creates a hard link instead of a symbolic link.

/J Creates a Directory Junction.

So now once you have chosen the suitable switch, go ahead & implement it.

So in my case the end user had access to the following location :


But now also wanted access to /public_html/folder_B

So my syntax would be

mklink /J C:\Folder_1\public_html\folder_A\Link_to_folder_B C:\Folder_1\public_html\folder_B

So now a new link will appear under folder_A called “link_to_folder_B”. When the end user tries to access it will inturn open up folder_B , giving the end user impression that its just another folder.

That’s IT!!