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Wifi hotspot without Wifi Router

Recently got my Galaxy Nexus. Was really enjoying the 3G experience but it came to my shock when my 1 GB data plan got exhausted with apps download in just 3 days. My friend had a great WiFi setup at his home with his all WiFi devices connected to 2 separate internet links. I was also thinking to do something like this for connecting my 2 laptops and my Nexus.
I needed a WiFi router and a LAN internet for completing my WiFi setup. In my setup I had USB internet dongle and My laptops but without any WiFi router. I am skeptical on purchasing hardware and didn’t wanted to buy router. So I thought of sharing my USB internet using an adhoc WiFi connection. As ICS(Internet Connection Sharing) worked with LAN internet and WiFi adhoc network.
Both laptops having win7. I created WiFi adhoc network and my laptops were connected. But question was how to connect the WiFi adhoc network to internet. ICS was no good here. Also thought of bridging the wifi network with USB internet but didn’t worked out as win7 was not allowing. This Adhoc network was not even visible in my Nexus as it detects only WiFi hot-spots.
Since traditional method was not working after Googling I decided to create a wifi hot spot using my laptop. Got some freewares which do this for you and does the job of Router for free. I had 2 major requirements fulfilling here.

  1. I was able to use my existing USB internet
  2. No need to spend bucks in buying a Router.

You can download any of the software using below links.


  1. mHotSpot:
  2. WiFi HotSpot Creator:

I am preferring mhotspot as it’s lightweight and easy to use and configure.
Just 4 Steps to go.

  1. Start your internet and then mhotspot.
  2. Create your hotspot and mention the no of devices you want to join.
  3. You will see drop-down Share your connection from and this should pick your USB internet automatically.
  4. Start the hostpot. Add this hotspot in your mobile and also other devices.


It will assign dynamic IP from the range you specify.