racadm remoteimage:

Use racadm remoteimage to create a virtual CD.


To install or boot OS  from ISO image file located on a network share without inserting any physical CD/DVD.

Command: racadm remoteimage <options>

Options are:
–c ; connect image
–d ; disconnect image
–u <username>; username to access the network share
–p <password>; password to access the network share
–l <image_location>; image location on the network share; use double quotes around the location
–s; display current status; –a is assumed if not specified

To enable racadm remoteimage:

Login to DRAC, with username admin, click on Console/Media, click on Configuration.

and change status to “attach” from detach.

login to command line DRAC : ssh root@IP_addr

command to check status: racadm remoteimage -s

/admin1-> racadm remoteimage -s
Remote File Share is Disabled

To create virtual CD use below command:

/admin1-> racadm remoteimage -c -u username -p password -l IP_address:/location_of_iso

Remote Image is now Configured

now check status:

/admin1-> racadm remoteimage -s
 Remote File Share is Enabled
 ShareName IP_address:/location_of_iso

Login to DRAC Console, reboot machine after changing boot preference to virtual CD.